Completely ambiguous

ambiguity |ˌambiˈgyo͞o-itē| noun (pl. ambiguities) uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language

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Mayweather v. Paquiao


Boxers who fleeced world embraceThe world was all a titter with the announcement of this fight. The vaunted as “fight of the century,” but those who have been following boxing for any length of time absolutely knew what they’d be in for. There’s a reason they call Mayweather the greatest defensive boxer of his time.

All that running around, hugging and skillful slipping punches is what he’s been eating off of for his whole career. He’s not a knockout artist, sure he’s gotten quite a few, but he’s not the type of fighter Mike Tyson or Tommy Hearns was; lots of power, constantly looking for the power punch. He’s the exact opposite. He wears his opponent out with slips, foot movement and intelligence. He may not be able to get through a novel in a timely fashion, but his boxing acumen is unrivaled because that’s what he’s been studying his whole life. Where most bloggers and journalists were hitting the books in college, he was jabbing faces from a suitable distance until he was able to get the shot to end the fight — or in most cases, avoid the shot that would end the fight.

You (or someone you know) paid $100+ for the fight. If you were a boxing neophyte and you bought it expecting to see knockout mastery, power punches thrown in vicious sequence, then yeah I guess you should feel jipped. You didn’t get what you thought you were paying for, or at least expected some excitement. Oh well, least you got Jamie Foxx’s rendition of the national anthem, right?