SEO Basics, part 1

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SEO A Quick Guide

The basics of SEO are fairly simple to understand and implement. The concept of SEO is basically to get search engine bots to fetch your site quickly and associate your site with the branded keywords you need to succeed in your business. In this short series, I'll go over some of the key factors of SEO and how implementing them can garner revenue and new customers.

1. Sitemap

One of the easiest and sometimes most looked over aspects of SEO is having a good coherent sitemap. While a visualization of a large websites sitemap may end up looking like a unintelligble spider web to the human eye, to a search bot, it's the difference between taking side streets to your data vs. the highway. Of course we want the fastest and most efficient route, so that's where a well structured sitemap helps. A site map will have multiple levels if setup correctly, each blog post, gallery item, or other such tiered data will branch out from a main point. By ensuring your data is structured in this way, ensures that each search engine bot gets to your data expediently and efficiently.

2. Keyword Research

If you thought the most important part of SEO was just getting the bots to crawl your page, you'd be right, that's definitely pretty important. If the bots don't come, you don't get indexed; no index means no listing on search engines. But ruh roh, Raggy! The bots only have your site coming up if someone searches for best use for bed pans.

This is where keywords and keywords research comes in. You know what terms you'd like your site to be found by, what you don't know is how other people are going to use search to get to your site.

And you have competitors. Much like Bob and his delicious burgers, you've got to find your edge by understanding what keywords your competitors are using and with how much success. Now unless you're just on amazingly friendly terms with them, I doubt you could just cross the street and just ask.

That's where thorough keyword research comes into play. Find out how people are getting to your site, how they're getting to your competitions site, change your strategy and reap the benefits.

Posted in Information on Sep 20, 2018