Is surtin Tech your speed?

How do you know if surtin Tech’s services are for you? While there are a ton of consulting and development firms around, our services are catered to each individual project. Costs can range drastically depending upon what is asked of us. Asking yourself these follwoing few questions will put you in a better position to know whether you’d like to retain our services.

1. I only need a basic Wordpress theme built and installed. Or I’m looking for a fully fleshed out templated design.

While it’s great that you’re ready to dive head first into your business, our services tend to be far more customized and focused on creating your site from the ground up. There are several sites that have these services available.

2. I have a budget, but I want to spend as little of it as possible.

While we’d love to take on your project for pennies and the exposure, that is unfortunately not a very viable business model. Customized responsive web designs can range from $20,000 scaling well into six figures. Basic marketing websites can begin at the $10,000 range. Everything is built for you by our team — no other company will have your design.